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System Architecture
System Architecture
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EmVista Central

EmVista Central 

EmVista Servers   

EmVista Agent Station 

EmVista Maintenance Station 

SA1010 - Audio Interface Box

EmVista Local

EmVista Local 


IP6401 superseded by IP6402 Touch Screen Audio/Video Communication Port


Communication Devices

IP6000 - Rugged, Full-Duplex, VoIP, Hands Free Phone 

IP6010 - Rugged, Two-Button, VoIP, Hands Free Phone 

IP6030 - Rugged, VoIP Handset Phone 

IP6002 - VoIP Phone, Electronics Only

ES850 - Rugged, Communication Endpoint 

IP850 - Communication Point Controller for ES850  

IP1300 - Rugged, Full-Duplex, VoIP, Multi-Function Phone 


Endpoint Accessories

A402 - Blue Beacon 

A400 - Speaker/Beacon

H300 - Surface Phone Mounting Box

H302 - Surface Phone Mounting Box without Drip Cap 

H305 - Door for Surface, Phone Mounting Box 

H310 - In-wall, Phone Mounting Box and Bezel 

A401 - Pole Mounting Frame 

SA3000 - VoIP PA Audio Node   

EM132 - Tunnel Ringer

PS10 - Paladin Series Rugged Enclosure


Induction Loops & Accessories

Hearing Point Induction Loop - 19" Diameter

TH1 - Trans Hearing Listener for Induction Loops


Interface Devices 

SA2000 - Radio, I/O Panel 

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