Ed Hynes | Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hynes brings 30 years’ experience in strategy, operations, product development, branding, advertising, marketing and sales to his job at Emcom. Having worked primarily in the technology, media, and finance industries, he has led successful technology commercialization at five start-ups, two mid-stage growth companies, and a Fortune 20 enterprise. Mr. Hynes adapts a variety of current management methodologies (Agile, Kanban, Lean) to build sustainable growth and value at Emcom.

Ron Keppel | Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Keppel is the lead hardware designer and architect of Emcom Systems’ communications and VoIP products. Over 30 years’ experience in very large scale mass transit applications. He is the Founder of Emcom Systems, and was Co-founder & Principal of Vandal-Proof Products, Inc. (VPP) from1991 to 2000 where he was the lead hardware designer and systems architect of the VPP product line. 

Richard Meckstroth | Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Meckstroth is the software designer and architect of Emcom Systems’ VoIP products. Over 25 years’ experience in advanced computer software and machine architecture design including client/server computing; real-time systems; data communications; hardware specification; hardware/software integration; embedded computers and micro-controllers; compilers and other software development tools. He was a Principal of Vandal-Proof Products, Inc. from1994 to 2000 where he was lead software and firmware designer of the VPP product line.

Nigel Gardner | Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Gardner brings over 30 years’ experience including two decades of C-Level responsibility in venture-backed growth companies in technology, healthcare and finance. As CEO, CFO, and COO he has built ventures from scratch and navigated several successful outcomes. A consummate team player, Mr. Gardner has built a reputation not only in the board room but also in the field as a highly successful business development executive. At Emcom, he currently runs the administrative, financial, investment, M&A, banking, reporting, forecasting and risk management operations of the company.

Jonathan Zeier | National Head of Sales

Mr. Zeier has over twenty years of experience in the mass transit industry and for the past eleven years has represented Emcom Systems. He has spearheaded the introduction of Emcom Systems’ VoIP and emergency communications solutions to the transit industry. Mr. Zeier’s brings a wealth of experience in engineering sales, project sales and production management in the electronics industry. He was a co-founder and principal of Vandal-Proof Products, Inc.1991-2000 where his responsibilities ranged from establishing and managing manufacturing facilities, both on and off shore, to assisting customers in the preliminary engineering and analysis states of custom engineered projects. 

Paul Grigg | VP Sales

Mr. Grigg brings over twenty years of senior level sales, business development, consulting and operational experience including four years running a tech start-up, eight years at SunGard and five years at Deloitte. He is a subject matter expert in software design and implementation, business transformation, enterprise risk, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Mark Zuckerman | Program Manager

Mr. Zuckerman oversees project management, documentation, and training in all major accounts. He brings over 30 years' experience in system architecture; software development; documentation design and creation; instructional design and training; and management of long-term, large-budget technical projects. He has done all these in a wide range of fields and disciplines, from industrial automation to financial information distribution, with more than 10 years' experience in telecommunications.

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