An early adopter and advocate of voice-over-IP telephony, Emcom has over a century of combined engineering experience successfully introducing the latest technology into the most heavily regulated environments.

Some of the specific advantages gained when using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications system to handle audio communications in transportation and security applications are explained here:
Ease of Implementation
  • Ethernet may be implemented over copper, fiber, wireless or cellular
  • Utilizes existing wiring to individual or serially connected communication instruments
  • Easily implemented with redundant servers and agent stations locally or at remote sites
Ease of Integration
  • Can make use of the existing legacy backbone infrastructure
  • Switching from a copper to fiber infrastructure frees the copper for other purposes
  • Takes advantage of capital spent on previous legacy and new infrastructure
  • Permits interim use of existing central telephone switch
  • Ultimately ends currently assigned PBX, leased lines and analog switches
  • Can be constantly expanded in modular fashion as current infrastructure is replaced or updated at the unit level and at Command Center level
  • Minimal training required as the system will use the infrastructure already present or planned
  • Head end will be non-blocking and not limited by dedicated “hard wired” paths thus allowing multi-call answering capability
  • Continuous automatic testing of communications transport with directed reporting of problems
  • Automatic remote testing of communications units
User Interface
  • System is transparent to the users at both ends
  • Full duplex communications
  • Agent stations customizable to applications including pop-ups for maps, video, call metadata
  • Any audio voice communications integrated into agent stations – analog, PA, radio
  • Automatic recording and playback of all voice communications at each agent station
  • Network or Serial connection to CCTV system to direct cameras and screens
  • External connections to PSTN, PBX, multi-track recorders
  • Conferencing between agent stations