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What We Deliver

Emergency communications for mass transit authorities (and the design & integration firms that serve them) and for campuses and buildings.

How We Do It

Emcom has over a century of combined engineering experience successfully introducing the latest technology into the most heavily regulated environments.

Case Studies

In the transit industry, Emcom holds a leadership position based on its unsurpassed quality, end-to-end architecture and the advanced technology of its products.

VoIP emergency communications solutions for legacy migrations and new starts.

Campus & Parking Solutions

Emcom Solutions

Emcom provides industry-leading end-to-end communications systems and components for use in public environments. Established in 2002, Emcom holds a leadership position based on its ability to deliver unique, innovative, reliable solutions to complex, real-world communications challenges – whether it’s facilitating a conversation with a retail customer who is hard of hearing, or coordinating hundreds of first responders during a major urban emergency.

Our Clients