Emcom's Campus & Parking Solutions provide facilities with an intelligent communication solution that exceeds local and national requirements for emergency communications. It consists of one or more Master Stations connected via IP network to multiple VoIP endpoints. The system supports multi-story buildings, garages, campuses – any environment where failsafe emergency communications are required.

Emcom's architecture supports standalone installations and extended mode with connections to external resources (police, fire, security) via PBX or public switched telephone network (PSTN). Featuring a rugged, touch-screen VoIP phone, Emcom's Master Station provides a highly intelligent, networked, purpose-built audio/video dashboard. Each endpoint provides two-way, full-duplex communications between remote locations and the Master Station(s), and provides visual indicators for the hearing impaired and audible indicators for the visually impaired.

The Master Station is the local center for communication with all VoIP endpoints and provides a means of managing all calls. In addition, if the system is configured with cameras, the master station displays video from those cameras.


When the “PUSH FOR HELP” button is pressed on a VoIP endpoint, dial-tone is heard, the red “CALLING” LED on the endpoint starts flashing and the endpoint immediately dials a pre-programmed number in its phone book. The first number in the phone book is that of the master station. Additional numbers in the phone book are dialed if the first number is not answered. When the Master Station responds, it presents a flashing display that indicates information about the calling endpoint. The call may either be answered by pressing the touch-screen display to activate handsfree operation or by lifting the handset. Once the call is answered, the red LED on the calling endpoint is extinguished and the green “RECEIVED” LED flashes. Master Stations have the ability to build conferences with each other, with outside-line resources if so configured, and with other endpoints. Calls may be placed to each VoIP endpoint simply by pressing the appropriate endpoint icon on the touch-screen display.

Emcom's Master Station is software-upgradeable. A currently scheduled release will facilitate remote monitoring and management of endpoints including: endpoint firmware provisioning and upgrades, a line fault check, a full range of electronic system diagnostics, and a microphone and speaker quality test.