EmVista Agent Station

  • The Agent Station feature is the human-interface with EmVista Central
  • The Agent signs-in through two layers of security before accessing the EmVista System
  • Agent can manage and perform tasks through a single screen or “Window.” It is through this portal that the Agent can handle tasks such as:
    • Receive calls from and initiate calls to any phone (analog or digital) connected to the system
    • View video from cameras associated with phones
    • Monitor and control any call in progress including joining and patching to other phones w Broadcast to groups with any number of page-equipped phones
    • Play back calls from recording archive
    • Monitor the health of essential network equipment
    • Monitor any combination of radio groups or channels as well as join a radio group or channel
    • The Agent communicates through the Agent Station sound card or through an SA1010 Audio Interface if additional audio functions are needed.
Last Updated: 01/17/2018
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