EmVista Maintenance Station

  • EmVista Maintenance is the supervisor/operator station component of EmVista Central
  • Fully capable of being used as a stand-alone configuration to test voice endpoint devices
  • EmVista Maintenance provides in depth information on the health of the complete system when used with EmVista Central
  • Maintains EmVista Central Database and manages configuration of network components and voice end-point devices
  • Monitors status of EmVista Central network components including servers, agent stations, gateways, and voice endpoint devices
  • Remotely and automatically programs and tests end point devices via the network
  • Defines special connection functions and appearance at agent stations
  • Provides reports of testing results, answered calls, unanswered calls
  • Allows log-in at operator (read only) or supervisor level using encrypted passwords
Last Updated: 03/04/2010
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