EmVista Local

EmVista Local is a stand-alone communications controller utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to enable interconnection between various analog or IP voice endpoint devices and to provide connections to off-site locations either via telephony or via a network.  EmVista Local monitors its own operation and the health of connected endpoint devices and can report that information remotely.  EmVista Local may be used with EmVista Central to compliment its operation by providing local conference connections and reducing the number of off-site telephony connections or by reducing network traffic. It can also provide an added level of redundancy at the Local level.



  • Direct calls from any analog or IP voice endpoint device to a local response station and off-site via
    phone line or IP network.
  • Continuously test endpoint devices and provide results locally or store results for off-site access via
    phone line or network.
  • Simplifies installation of endpoint devices.
  • Base system - 4 off-site telephony lines (FXO), 12 voice endpoint device lines (FXS).
  • Expandable in increments of 8 voice endpoint device lines up to 108 lines.
  • Rack mountable - Base system 4U, Full Expanded System 8U.
  • Radio/WiFi interface for communication with local wireless devices.
  • I/O interface to local sensors/triggers to provide information to off-site or local communication devices.
  • Provide video steering information to others