IPI300 - Rugged, Full-Duplex, VoIP, Multi-Function Phone

The IP1300 is a hardened, vandal-resistant, full-duplex, intelligent, multi-function emergency assistance phone that provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications utilizing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The rugged stainless steel enclosure with sealed speaker and microphone ensures long product life and pro-vides assurance that vital calls will get through under the harshest of conditions. All of the activation buttons are illuminated through a fiber-optic configuration that clearly identifies their function. The primary call button is ADA-compliant and designed for patron communication. Behind the latching stainless steel door are four activation buttons, keypad and handset for further communications. The phone connects directly to an Ethernet line for short distances and can be configured with a DSL-Ethernet extender interface for distances up to 5,000 ft. Digital signal processing provides further enhancements of background noise reduction, echoic environment adjustment, remotely adjustable volume and remote testing and programming.


  • Full Duplex
  • Wide Operating Temp Range
  • Illuminated Activation Buttons
  • Remote Programming and Volume Adjust Via Web Browser or EmVista Maintenance
  • Submersible Speaker



Dimensions: 15.0” H x 12.25” W x 4.00” D
Enclosure: 12 Ga. (.102”) Brushed SS
Weight: 8 lbs.
Operating Temp: -30° C to +60° C
(-22° F to +140° F)
Power: 24 or 48 VDC, 9 Watts
Connectors: Circular DIN - Power, DSL
Hardened RJ-45 - Ethernet
Last Updated: 01/25/2016
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