ILO - Overhead Loop

Complete Induction Loop system that only requires power and audio input. The Overhead Loop works in conjunction with Emcom’s ILA10 amplifier which allows a microphone or alternative sound source to be broadcast through the overhead disc. Designed to be mounted overhead for optimal performance but can also be mounted on walls or within or under furniture. Low profile allows unit to be used in areas where low clearance is a concern.


  • Optimized for one-on-one conversation
  • Perfect for point-of-sale, reception desk
  • Easy installation, requires no tools
  • Meets and exceeds ADA compliance for 
  • the hearing impaired
  • ​Provides exceptional clarity

Field Data


Dimensions: 19” Diameter x 1.5” High
Material: Self-Extinguishing PVC
Amplifier: Emcom ILA10
Input: 1 Microphone
  2 Lines In
Power: 110VAC
Microphone: Optional Accessory
Last Updated: 09/17/2015
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