ILS - Seat Cushion Hearing Loop

The Seat Cushion Induction Loop creates a personal-sized induction loop field for telecoil equipped hearing aids. The cushion works in conjunction with Emcom’s ILA10 amplifier which allows a microphone or alternative audio source to be broadcast through the cushion. The commercial-grade, resilient cushion can withstand common use. Optionally, the cushion can feature the internationally recognized symbol for an induction loop system. The field size generated by the Seat Cushion Induction Loop Floor is large enough that it can accommodate people of any height in a sitting position. Emcom’s Seat Cushion Loop is ideal for use in an audiologists’ fitting room.


• Perfect for T-coil test & demonstration

• Optimized for one-on-one conversation

• Easy installation, requires no tools

• Meets and exceeds ADA compliance for

the hearing impaired

• Provides exceptional clarity

• Optional Hearing Loop logo

Approximate Field Size



Dimensions: 12” X 14”

Material: Vinyl and foam

Amplifier: Emcom ILA10

Input: 1 Microphone

2 Lines In

Power: 110V AC

Microphone: Optional Accessory

Last Updated: 03/30/2017
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