ILS - Seat Cushion Loop

The Seat Cushion Induction Loop creates a personal-sized induction loop field for telecoil equipped hearing aids. The cushion works in conjunction with Emcom’s ILA10 amplifier which allows a microphone or alternative audio source to be broadcast through the cushion. The commercial-grade, resilient cushion will withstand ordinary use. The field size generated by the Seat Cushion Induction Loop Floor is large enough that it can accommodate people of any height in a sitting position. A Seat Cushion Loop is an ideal tool for use when fitting hearing aids.


• Perfect for T-coil tests & demonstrations

• Optimized for face-to-face conversations

• Easy installation with simple tools

• Meets & exceeds ADA compliance and provides seamless inclusivity for those with hearing loss

• Provides exceptional clarity of sound

Approximate Field Size



Dimensions: 12” X 14”

Material: Vinyl and foam

Amplifier: Emcom ILA10

Input: 1 Microphone

2 Lines In

Power: 110V AC

Microphone: Optional Accessory

Last Updated: 03/30/2017
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