The Emcom System Architecture

Emcom provides industry-leading end-to-end communications systems and components for use in public environments. Established in 2002, Emcom holds a leadership position based on its ability to deliver unique, innovative, reliable solutions to complex, real-world communications challenges – whether it’s facilitating a conversation with a retail customer who is hard of hearing, or coordinating hundreds of first responders in a major urban emergency.

Emergency Communications Systems

Emcom designs and manufactures robust, accessible, scalable emergency communications solutions for use in addressing life safety situations in public environments. An early adopter and advocate of voice-over-IP telephony and induction loop technology for the hearing impaired, Emcom has aggregated over a century of combined engineering experience focused on the successful introduction of new technology into some of the most heavily regulated industries. The result is an end-to-end digital communications architecture that accommodates legacy systems while delivering the benefits of modern innovation in embedded software, printed circuit design, data management, system maintenance and digital telephony. Emcom provides its emergency communication solutions to some of the world’s largest mass transit authorities and to the design & integration firms that serve them.

Aurora Area of Refuge

The Emcom Aurora Area of Rescue System provides facilities with an intelligent communication solution that exceeds local and national requirements for an Area of Rescue. It consists of one or more Master Stations connected via IP network to multiple VoIP endpoints. The Aurora system supports multi-story buildings, garages, campuses – any environment where failsafe emergency communications are required.

Induction Loop Systems

Emcom has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the hearing impaired based on groundbreaking adaptations of induction loop technology – the ADA premium standard for delivering audio in noisy public environments. These solutions improve the life experience of the hearing impaired by delivering crystal clear audio directly to the hearing aid. Emcom induction loop systems scale to meet a range of requirements - from one-on-one conversations to large venues. Emcom works through a network of carefully selected installers to deliver its induction loop solutions to universities, museums, major retailers, performing arts venues, assisted living facilities, audiologists and hospitals.